A Complete Anatomy Of An E-Cigarette And Vape Pods

You will find a wide variety of smoking and vapor devices on the market, but despite such an extensive and wide variety, there are a few things that are common for all types of these devices. Therefore, when you choose a specific brand of smoking device, you may get something that may differ in design, shape, and color but will usually have the same components, parts and most importantly, the same functions and effects as well.

At the least and simplest, all such vapor devices will have a lithium battery that is used to heat the wire coil. In addition to that, there will be a wick that is used to draw the e-liquid to the wire coil. When this e-liquid is heated up by the wire coil, it vaporizes. It is this vapor that you inhale giving you a feeling and experience that is much similar to regular smoking. However, that is there where all the similarities in these vapor devices end.

Anatomy of vapor devices

Here are a list of the general components and parts of a vapor device with the functions of each.

  • Device – You will get these vapor devices in a large variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. However, these are usually dependent on the specific uses. There may a few smoking devices that may look just like a traditional cigarette while a few others might resemble a tube, a pen, a box, a USB flash drive or any other forms. All these ultimately serve the same purpose which is to help you quit smoking.
  • Battery – All these smoking devices take power supplied by the lithium battery and deliver it to the atomizer. The battery is the most crucial part of the smoking device. Few designs may have a non-replaceable internal battery, but most of the vapor devices use one or more high drain rechargeable batteries that are replaceable as well. If you choose to own a device that needs replaceable batteries for power, make sure that you select the right type of battery for your device. Follow the tutorial of the manufacturer for that matter.
  • Atomizer – This is another essential component of the smoking devices that is heat resistant and houses one or more resistance wire coils and their wicks. It may often have a type of reservoir to hold the e-liquid. You will find several different styles in place of the atomized cartridges which are obsolete now. You can have clearomizers, cartomizers, re-buildable tank atomizers, and re-buildable dripping atomizers. You may also get hybrid atomizers that are a combination of genesis atomizers and re-buildable dripping tank atomizers, and each of these has their own unique sets of merits and demerits.
  • Coils – There may be one or more coils that act as small pieces of resistance wires. Made into a shape of a coil these usually resemble a spring. The resistivity of these coils will depend on the type, the diameter of the coil, material and the number of wraps. The resistance will determine the amount of electricity flowing through it to power the device that will eventually determine the amount of heat produced. Typically, these coils are made from Nichrome or Kanthal, but more recently Nickel is used as it is considered to be the safest of all materials to use in vape pods.
  • Wicks – The wicks can be made from a variety of materials such as cotton, ceramic, twisted silica cord, stainless steel mesh, and eke-wool. The function of these wicks irrespective of the material uses to make it is to carry e-liquid to the wire coils directly from the tank. After reaching the coils through the wick, the e-juice vaporizes when it heats up.

The E-liquid

The e-liquid, also known as e-juice, is the most important element in the smoking device. It is a solution that consists of propylene glycol, food flavorings, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine. The nicotine strength in each liquid depends on the difference in the PG or VG ratios.

Typically, most avid cigarette smokers will choose an e-cigarette that contains a high amount of nicotine in the e-juice when they want to switch to such devices. Gradually, they will move towards lower nicotine content in the juices. Most commonly it is seen that such heavy smokers start their cigarette quitting effort by choosing an e-juice that contains nicotine as high as 24 mg/ml and then choose one with 18 mg/ml. Over time, they will choose a 12 mg/ml e-liquid that will have a more improved flavor to make up the drop in nicotine content.

However, most manufacturers usually do not recommend anything higher than 18 mg/ml to start with for the best results. Lowering down the nicotine content slowly and increasing the flavors in it, they assure the best results.

As for the advanced users, it is important to note that using smoking devices that produce more vapors will have nicotine of lower strength typically. This is because more vapors mean more nicotine inhaled and that needs to be balanced.

Different types of coils

There are different types of coils used in the smoking devices to provide you with a unique vaping experience. Each type of coils has its pros and cons.

  • Top coil places the atomizer closer to the mouthpiece. This will give you a warm vape much similar to a cigarette. These are easy to refill by simply removing the top cap.
  • The bottom coil in a tank will eliminate the need of re-wicking constantly by tilting. It provides a much cooler vape as compared to top coils yet provides a more intense flavor as the wick and coil are located closer to the air hole. Bottom coils are the most popular among all vaping device designs.
  • Multiple coils in the tank are also very common in vapers. These can be triple or quadruple coils that produce substantial clouds of vapor. It will give you a much stronger throat hit yet will provide a surprisingly cooler vape. This is because the heat is not concentrated on only just one coil.

All these components a complete smoking device and the one you will choose come down to your personal preference.

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